Compilations are a unique limited edition subscription art service by S.E.M. collective.

Compilations are experiences that contain a collection of handmade art objects by S.E.M. such as handmade paper and letterpress items, tarot-like art cards, lists, artist books, poetry, cut paper, art pins, exclusive sound and video art files and special surprise pieces.They take inspiration from sources as disparate as Marcel Duchamp's 'La Boîte-en-Valise', Community Supported Agriculture, pillow books, mixtapes,time capsules, reliquaries, curio cabinets, CD clubs, jewelry boxes, magic hats, scrapbooks, and miscellanea.Through the materials in these collections, we bridge the physical distance between us.They grow out of our shared creative explorations and are as interested in the ephemera and remnants of the creative process as they are in delivering a novel conversation between art object and viewer, the emphasis being on interaction and discovery more than functionality.Additionally, some objects may be gifted to others as a way of rippling this creative connection out to a wider circle of community.


Compilations offer an intimate, personal, tactile experience with our art that would not be possible in a gallery. Each one adds and relates to previous Compilations so that new display options become possible and stories are revealed over time. They are available in MIN and MAX versions.MINs contain only flat items and are released every two months. MAXs contain all the items in a MIN plus several more three-dimensional items and come in hand decorated boxes seasonally.


Compilation 001

Available for pre-order: 10/15/21

MIN edition of 16

MAX edition of 12

We are excited to release our first compilation!

Learn more about what's in it HERE

Compilation 002

Scheduled to release: December 2021

MIN edition of 30

More info to come...